Tara Saylor & Company
Helping You Do Your Very Best Work


Practical Expertise for Tulsa's Non-profits.


Our researchers can help you better understand the impact of your organization in our community. Our experts are practical: we know how to answer your research questions within a reasonable time frame and budget that fits your organization.  


Dr. Saylor has extensive experience in program evaluation, including federal evaluations. We conceive of our job as more than just report writers; we will work closely with you to understand your goals and support you in doing your best work.

needs assessments

Forward-thinking organizations want to understand what their community needs or what services to provide to a new population. Our social scientists can help you better understand who you serve, and what their needs are, with our creative, mixed-methods approaches. 

organizational priority setting

Organizations turn to us when they need assistance in establishing priorities. As independent actors, we are able to help organizations see themselves from a distance, and work together to set meaningful priorities and a plan for success.