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Helping You Do Your Very Best Work

Practical Solutions You can Put into Action

Tara Saylor & Company supports the people and organizations who create meaningful change for underserved populations. Dr. Saylor has assisted nonprofit, governmental and Indian tribes to confidently tackle large-scale social problems like addiction, housing, and legal rights. TS&Co is a group of PhD experts from the social sciences who understand real-world challenges and propose practical solutions that you can put into action. Our mission is to help you-- through research, evaluation, and goal setting-- to do your very best work. 

I’ve been privileged to have been able to retain Dr. Tara Saylor to evaluate two LSC-funded Technology Initiative Grants over the past three years. The experience and breadth of knowledge she has brings to a project made it possible for Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma to view the project from the beginning with an eye toward the whole project. Her expertise in working with people in general, and knowledge of statistical analysis allowed us to make changes as we implemented project. Having Dr. Saylor’s expertise enabled us to make changes as we developed our project resulting in better client service and better understanding of our impact.
— Margaret Hamlett Shinn, Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma

What We Do:

Research, Evaluation, Goal Setting & Needs Assessments